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Genesis TWH Farm, Slaughters, KY: This Tennessee Walking Horse gelding named All American Son is 4 years old and drop dead gorgeous. He is the first gelding that we have bought and actually was a stud when we purchased him. He has a beautiful face and head set with small ears and intelligent eyes that take in the world with calm delight.  We have taken the pads off him, put simple keg shoes on the front and have had him trained to trail ride. He will go anywhere and is talented. This is a great Field Trial prospect or show prospect lite shod.


All American Son TWHBEA Gelding, For Sale
Reg. No. 20702096 Foaled:  05/12/2007
  • By World Champiion All American Cash
  • Calm and Easy to Work With "EVEN" as a Stud in a Barn Full of Mares and now just perfect.
  • Deep Striding Rear and Beautiful Headset with True 4 Beat Gait.
  • Intelligent, Calm, Loving, and Talented Gelding who Listens to His Rider.

Genesis TWH Farm, Slaughters, KY: I'm not sure how this happened as I specifically buy only mares and have done so for years but this horse tugged at me. I also do not ordinarily get attached to a horse. I especially do not follow the path that is the least desirable when I have a barn full of mares I could breed and this was the perfect stud in behavior. I simply could not fathom this horse standing in a stall continuously with limited opportunity to partner with his owner on trails. He is exceptional and has truly beautiful eyes. This is the most talented horse I have ever had and would be an excellent Field Trial Mount. 

This is his story. This 3 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding was purchased as a stud and was exceptionally calm and easy to work with even with a barn full of mares, some in heat which shows his personality and aptitude for working with his handler. I debated about keeping him a stud but decided that to have a horse of this caliber stand in a stall would be an absolute shame as he is such a wonderful horse. This horse by multi World Champion All American Cash has personality and is sweet, interested in his surroundings, yet not afraid of what he will see around that next bend. He has been trained to trail ride and could easily be given a fresh haircut and bathe then put in a local show ring with expectations of being competitive. This geldiing has a  wonderful head set, small ears, and a deep back end that he is just finding now that he has been gelded and allowed freedom to run and play outside. He will get better every day as I have seen in watching him just a week ago then again today.  He amazed me when the rider was able to open an old gate from the saddle that was falling down without trouble.  He strode right through water, ditches, and watched his feet when in doubt. He is the epitome of the perfect gelding and will be even better next year when he finishes filling out. He has been vet checked to be completely sound in all ways and his pedigree is absolutely perfect. He steps beautifully and the photos - video you see he has only flat kegs on the front and no backs on at all. Nothing artificial in this horse.

I will be glad to answer questions and after looking at his videos I believe you will feel exactly like I do in that he is the perfect gelding. Take a look and give me a call at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky, where great pleasure horses are the expected norm not the exception.   

Photos for All American Son Year Old TWHBEA Gelding. 

Walks Beautifully
Beautiful Face and Head Set.

Great Personality and stands well for playtime but this gelding is ready to go to work under saddle so this young lady isn't ready to ride him on the trails. In the show ring is another story. That would work.

All American Son TWHBEA Gelding Videos  of him riding trails, in his gait, and opening a gate.  Expect your horse to perform like this twh gelding.

Can you depend on your horse to open the gate?  From the saddle?

Personality and working with other horses is important while trail riding and even in training he did an amazing job working with this older gelding. 

TWHBEA PEDIGREE for Mr. Cash Four Year old Gelding for Sale at GenesisTWH. His Pedigree reads like a Who's Who in Walking Horses with each level of sire or dam by a multi-world champion or World Grand Champion TWHBEA Walking Horse.


Your horse should be well mannered, should be easy to work with, should be intelligent, should be beautiful, and you should absolutely be able to depend on your horse in most any situation that does not include the absurd. The key to pleasure horses is just that....they are a pleasure to ride, work with, and interact with every day whether you ride them daily, weekly, or monthly. Look for intelligence in their eyes and how they handle themselves. Each one is different and has special qualities. I hope you find your next pleasure horse here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Western Kentucky and if I can be of any help to you in looking for that special trail riding or pleasure use walking horse give me a call. It is always wonderful talking about horses to others, horses are my passion. 

Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | Marion@genesistwh.com | Contact Us

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