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Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters KY:  Genesis TWH is located in Western Kentucky and owned by Mark and Marion Miller.  I am blessed to have 89 acres to do what I love which is raise and train Tennessee Walking Horses with World Champion or better pedigrees for the pleasure rider who wants to ride often or monthly and expects their horse to be a part of their family AND be reliable despite the circumstances each time they ride.  I specialize in TWHBEA registered Tennessee Walking Horse Mares by World Champion sires and now have a breeding program.

We now have horses in 26 states and 2 overseas which is a great testimonial for a small farm in western Kentucky with typically only 7 - 10 horses at any given time available.

What can you do with a true pleasure horse that has a phenomenal gait, exceptional ground manners, and world champion direct or better pedigree top and bottom?  Almost anything from standing on top of them to hanging from a bucket in the barn.  The true question for me is WHY NOT enjoy them thoroughly and ask them to be a dependable friend under saddle with mutual trust. 

The program we have developed at Genesis TWH is one of necessity and true pleasure for me as I've been limited physically from taking the chances from my youth.  My ladies must have common sense, pedigree, ability, and personality given that at 47 I have had 2 partial knee replacements with multiple surgeries.  I originally started raising and breeding Tennessee Walking Horses upon moving to Western Kentucky in 1994 with my two small children which was a dream of mine since I was a toddler.  Genesis TWH has the distinct honor of being a small walking horse farm with horses sold in 14 states, a horse in Israel, and one in the Netherlands.  Our success is due to our innovative approach to delivering pleasure horses for the intermediate level plus or minus rider who wants a horse with a phenomenal gait, exceptional ground manners, world champion pedigree, and intelligence to ride weekly or monthly without issues.  We give haircuts and bathes in most any situation without twitching and often simply tied to the trailer.  Our mares respect your space when leading or handling them even when you are out in the field with them.  Our mares also trust us to lead them well and handle unusual situations well such as children running in the barn underfoot, hanging on buckets, and the occasional loud noise.  They will startle when a deer jumps out underfoot and stop but don't over react, spin, or dislodge their rider.

Genesis TWH believes in the attitude, pedigree, and ability of the walking horses we have for sale and provides a money back guarantee that our walking horses are sound and as described a reasonable price.  We typically have a dozen horses for sale throughout the year for the intermediate rider to purchase except for 2007-2010 while I was recovering from double knee partial replacements.  References are always available and a unique honor for us to be able to provide based on our client's enjoyment of the mares they have bought from us.  There are no questions that we will not answer honestly and in detail as making the decision to buy a pleasure horse and travel to see her is a large commitment on your part and we want to earn your business and referral.  Many of our clients recommend our ladies to their friends and family often buying another horse from us as well.  The goal of Genesis TWH is to provide quality walking horse mares that can be enjoyed and are exactly as we state they are which is why we do provide a money back guarantee that the horse is as described and sound per our statements. 

Our pedigrees are amazing with talented mares who are easy to work with.  Also take a look at our Sold Mares page to see what our clients say about Genesis TWH.  Visitors are always welcome and we do take deposits on our horses to hold one for an onsite visit.  Deposits are fully refundable at time of visit should you not buy a walking horse from us. 

 What fun we have in the barn!


Children of all ages playing in the barn with exceptional walking horses is no problem at Genesis TWH in Kentucky!   This Out on Parole 3 year old mare takes it al in stride.  I really didn't know a 2 year old would fit in a 5 gallon bucket!  It is amazing what kids will find to do and a great walking horse makes it safer and more enjoyable for everyone in the barn.  I also recommend a really strong wall bracket for the bucket. 

Farm visitors are always welcome and our purchase policy is simple.  You can place a deposit on a horse for 25% and hold that horse for up to 21 days while you arrange a visit to the farm or receive all the requested video and information you need.  Deposits are completely refundable upon visit to the farm and we guarantee our horses to be as shown, papers in order, shots up to date, with health certificates and coggins.  Our farm goal is to have Genesis Tennessee Walking Horses in all 50 states within 10 years!   Providing Tennessee Walking Horse Mares with Grace and Ability.  See our mares at play on the farm...and what toddlers can get up to while playing in the barn with the horses.  This is why you need a Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse.

Visit our Genesis Walking Horse Farm YouTube Channel & Discover the Genesis Differenceyoutubechanel

Thank you for looking at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horses in Kentucky!   If you have any questions, simply give me a call and visitors are always welcome at our barn, Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky.  We do ask that you give us a call first so we can schedule our time appropriately as we have full time jobs, children, family, and trail riding trips to work around. 

Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | Marion@genesistwh.com | Contact Us

We do not trade horses as our mares nor do we accept more than the asking price for the horse and pay the buyers costs for transportation costs for them. We run a fair and reputable business and I invite you to look at our Sold Horses - Testimonials.

Money Back Guarantee